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Keep your technology up-to-date

In this increasingly developing world, technology plays a vital part and is evolving at an ever increasing rate. Keeping technology current is key to keeping your business secure, communicating to your customers and educating our children.


Technology leasing and 1:1 device programmes

Looking to expand your technological arsenal to allow your students to learn more effectively and efficiently? Freedom Technology can help attain the finances to achieve this. We are proud to provide educators with the tools they need to provide a strong sense of education and making learning more interactive and fun.

Tech Finance

Tech Finance is a bespoke finance agreement that allows schools, colleges and corporates the ability to acquire the latest in technology for education and pay for it gradually over the term of its use.

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Tech 4 Staff

Tech4Staff is a fully managed cash flow neutral salary sacrifice programme. It offers your employees the chance to get up to 35% off technology such as the latest smartphones, laptops, tablets, and TVs.

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Tech 4 Learners

Tech 4 Learners is a fully managed, parent partnership programme for 1:1 computing devices. It provides pupils with the technology they need to enrich their learning experience, with no risk or cost to the school.

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Tech Over Time

Tech Over Time is a fully managed personal finance programme. Allowing colleges and universities to offer its students the latest technology fully insured and interest-free, with zero admin or risk to the organiser.

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Get The Technology Your Children Deserve To Use

We value the importance of our children being able to utilise the latest technology to be able to advance and develop their skills; Freedom Technology makes it easier to do so.

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Clients We Have Worked With

Leigh Academy had invested heavily in its infrastructure to enable its students and staff to access a state of the art Wi-Fi to fully embrace the use of technology. The challenge was to create a programme that was fully inclusive allowing all parents to take part, which had no risk and was cash flow neutral to the school.

Aldridge invested over £100,000 in their infrastructure to enable students and staff to use mobile devices. They decided the iPad was the most appropriate device for their students. The challenge was they want to encourage parents to contribute towards it but didn’t want the cost, the admin or the risk of running it themselves.

Primal Kitchen one of the fastest growing producers of snack bars in the UK need to invest heavily in its IT infrastructure to support its growth. The challenge was to allow them to acquire the latest technology and spread it over time, despite being a fairly new start company with VC backing.