Tech Over Time - Personal Technology Finance Programme

As more and more higher and further education courses centre around and rely on technology, students need consistent access to a reliable personal learning device that will help them succeed. For the institution, providing 1:1 devices for thousands, or tens of thousands of students is often not realistic. And with the costs associated with higher education rising all the time, buying the latest devices isn’t realistic for students or parents either.

Tech Over Time can help you give your students access to the latest technology they need to enhance their learning experience. A fully managed personal finance programme, Freedom Tech will set up and run end-to-end, from creating a custom branded portal to student marketing.

For students, Tech Over Time delivers:

For your institution, Tech Over Time delivers:

  • Access to the latest technology with no upfront payment
  • Interest-free payments when insurance is included
  • Worldwide insurance cover for use on campus and at home
  • Accidental damage and theft insurance with no excess
  • A chance to engage and attract students with access to the latest technology
  • No setup or cost for running the programme – we manage everything
  • No risk of student or parent non-payment – the agreement is directly with Freedom Tech
  • An enhanced learning experience for students

What our customers say:

The cost of attending university is forever increasing and without Tech over Time I doubt I would be able afford the latest technology that allows me to get the most out of my course.

Nick TurnbullLeeds University

Empower your students with the latest technology.

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