Tech 4 Learners

A fully managed, parent partnership programme for 1:1 computing devices. It provides pupils with the technology they need to enrich their learning experience, with no risk or cost to the school. Freedom Tech manages the entire programme on behalf of the school, allowing you to focus on what is important, ‘how to get the best from the devices’. From providing a fully branded web portal to collate orders to pursuing failed payments from parents, we take away all of the hassle associated with rolling out a programme of this type, and our dedicated team are always on hand to support. Wrapping up all orders in an Operating Lease, paid for wholly by the parental payments ensures that the programme can be run at no cost to the school.

School Benefits

  • No cost to the school
  • No risk to the school
  • Fully managed
  • Enhanced learning outcomes
  • Students have latest device with ZERO budget impact

Student Benefits

  • Get the latest technology
  • Enhanced learning outcomes
  • Fully insured
  • Spread payments over time
  • No Personal Credit checks


“They manage everything, relieving us of the burden so there would be less strain on our resources. They manage the collection of payments from parents, follow up on late payments and deal with breakages and insurance claims.”

Sarah Tucker
IT Services Project Coordinator – Leigh Academies Trust