3 ways better tech helps the legal sector

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Life in a busy law firm is fast-paced. You’re handling tens, maybe hundreds of cases across the spectrum of legal issues. You’re focused on getting the best outcomes for your clients, and fee earners work tirelessly to get results and deliver value. 

For that reason, when it comes to investing in the development of the organisation, certain things can slide under the radar. You want to bring in more resources to lighten the load, and as a result, you may need to expand your office space. These not insignificant overheads mean that investing in things like technology may be seen as a low priority, and shifted to the bottom of the pile to be reviewed when you desperately need to.

In the legal sector, as in any sector, investing time and money in developing your technology estate can have a massive impact on the organisation as a whole, and as a result, helps you deliver more value to your clients. Here are 3 ways that better tech helps the legal sector.


Attracting the best talent

Research by specialist recruiter Clayton Legal in 2018 found that 67% of UK law firms reported a skills shortage, and were concerned that lack of access to talent could threaten growth. In the year that ended July 2017, 6,478 new individuals in the UK became qualified solicitors. This isn’t an endless talent pool for the 10,000+ law firms in the UK, so it’s increasingly vital for your firm to stand out as one that newly qualified solicitors will want to work for. When we’re talking about the next generation of workers, the technology you use is a major play. Millennials lean to more collaborative, flexible and innovative styles of working – and technology is an enabler of these. Having a technology strategy and the tools in place to create processes and an environment that millennials will thrive is vital to attracting – and keeping – the up and coming talent in the legal sector.


Streamlining processes

It’s no secret that practising law requires a lot of clerical and administrative work. There are strict processes to be followed, and mountains of documents to store and reference – technology can be a helping hand in streamlining legal processes that have traditionally been so time-consuming. Whether it’s automation driving billing, or more sophisticated AI and machine learning driving legal research – harnessing the latest technology can mean lower fees, more flexibility and increased transparency for your clients, resulting in better outcomes from their perspective, and increased efficiency and more profitability from your perspective.



There are’s fewer sectors where the privacy and security of data is more important than in legal. You’re more than familiar with the regulations – and it’s vital you ensure that your processes are compliant and that you’re doing all you can to keep confidential client data secure. Not only is using outdated technology a threat to your security, but strategies such as migrating storage and applications to the cloud can also help you increase your data security in a way that’s scalable. In addition, newer IT hardware typically comes with better in-built security as standard, so investing in the latest tech brings you additional peace of mind that vital data is sufficiently secured. 


Upgrade now – pay less

Upgrading your technology doesn’t have to be a massive investment. With FlexIT for SMBs, you could upgrade now, and pay 20% less for the latest Apple, HP and Lenovo devices over 3 years. Freedom Tech are wholly owned by CSI Leasing, one of the world’s largest equipment leasing companies, and all of our processes are GDPR compliant and accredited to the ISO 27001 standard for data security, giving you complete peace of mind. If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you upgrade your technology, get in touch.

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