4 reasons to upgrade the technology in your small business

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For a small business still in its growth stage, keeping tight on budgets and spending wisely is key. Where possible, you want to laser-focus on the things that you can almost guarantee are going to drive success and further growth.

The most common of these is obviously recruitment – bringing in talent to sell more, do more marketing, make more products, or provide better support to customers. That being said, when it comes to being more efficient, more secure and more productive, there’s one key area you should focus on that is often missed for a number of reasons.
You know where we’re going with this – it’s technology. With that in mind, here are 4 reasons to invest in technology for your small business.


Boost productivity

There’s no denying the positive effect that technology can have on workplace productivity. Employees who work for organisations that make key technology highly available and accessible reportedly spend 17% less time on manual processes. Having up to date technology can make a big difference too. If you’re invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, upgrading to Windows 10 leads to faster boot times, increased security and better mobility, leading to a boost in productivity of up to 25%. That’s not to mention the efficiency savings that can be saved by upgrading server and storage hardware – every second a user saves waiting to log on to the system, or for a file to load, is one they can spend on being productive.


Flexible and remote working

Having access to a mobile device gives your employees the power and flexibility to operate in and out of the office – meaning they can stay productive even if they’re on the road or working from home. Remote working is becoming increasingly common. It’s been found to lead to higher efficiency, greater employee engagement and productivity gains by cutting down on activities like water-cooler gossip, impromptu meetings and disruption from colleagues. Being able to provide your employees with a device that allows them to connect into your systems and work from anywhere will allow you to boost productivity and engagement within your current workforce and attract the next generation of talent.


Morale booster

Speaking of employees – providing access to technology that aids an employee’s day-to-day role can be a big factor in terms of morale, engagement, and employee retention. We’ve all been frustrated by the technology at work at some point in our careers – minimising this frustration can only lead to happier employees. Aside from the aforementioned remote working capabilities, technology can also help you improve communication, collaboration and provide better ways for employees to provide feedback to the business – leading to a more engaged, involved and connected workforce.


It doesn’t have to cost the earth

A common reason that technology is missed off a growing business’ yearly budget planning is that it’s expensive. The capital required to outlay on new end user devices and particularly infrastructure hardware can be in the tens if not hundreds of thousands. If you approach it in the right way – that doesn’t have to be the case. Using an operating lease model, you’ll be able to pay for a technology upgrade in manageable monthly installments, often totalling less than the actual value of the equipment. The other advantage of this model is that you can easily run on a 3 year upgrade refresh.At the end of the leasing term, you simply return the equipment and get brand new kit in its place.


Upgrade your technology today

Freedom Tech can help you upgrade your technology with flexible leasing options. We are a financially strong company backed by CSI Leasing, one of the world’s biggest equipment leasing companies with over $1.6 billion in assets. We’re also the only technology subscription provider which holds the ISO 27001 accreditation for Information Security Management and are FLA registered. We can provide compelling offers, complete peace of mind and end-to-end management for leasing technology in your business. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch.

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