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October 2019

4 ways technology helps improve productivity in SMBs

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In a growing business, every second of productive work counts. You need to be getting the most out of your staff and your resources to continue to grow and to be profitable. Productivity affects everything from morale to the bottom line. Anything you can do to squeeze more productivity out of your business will only make you more efficient and able to offer better services in the long run. Read More

How technology helps you recruit the best talent for your business

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Truly successful businesses build their strategies around getting the most out of the best possible employees. Attracting and retaining an employee with the right skill set, who share the company’s values and is comfortable with (or indeed driving) the right culture, is invaluable to a business. There are obviously many factors that a potential employee considers about your business before applying for a role, and choosing to stay with you for a sustained period of time, but one which is becoming more and more important is technology. Read More