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June 2019

4 reasons a technology strategy is important for your business

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It would be incredibly ill-advised to do anything in business which isn’t backed by a wider strategy. Especially as you’re growing, every decision you make could mean accelerating your growth or setting you back. Your core business strategy is obviously the most important document at the heart of this – but as you grow you will need to bring in strategy in more specific areas to make sure everything is aligned.  Read More

How investing in technology helps your business grow

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Growing businesses need to invest in the right places to continue, or  accelerate their growth. “You’ve got to spend money to make money” is the old adage, but an improvement on that might be to add the word “smartly”. Identifying the areas which will do the most to stimulate and encourage growth, and assigning ample budget to improving or developing them is a key step on the ladder towards being a successful, established business. Read More