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December 2018

How to design a 1:1 device policy for your school that works

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There used to be a very clear distinction between BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and 1:1 computing or device programmes in schools. However, since the popularity of 1:1 device programmes driven by parental payments or contributions has increased, the lines are becoming a bit blurred. No longer is a student using a school-issued device exclusively on-premises. They are using a device which has – technically – been issued by the school, but is being paid for by the parent, and are using it as fully personalised learning device both in school and at home. Read More

5 reasons to run a one-to-one technology programme in your school

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Investing in technology in your school can be a hard sell to the wider leadership team. Throughout the year, you retain a laser-like focus teaching quality and student attainment levels, therefore securing the best results. This means that any significant chunk of budget can be tricky to lock down, and many a school is encouraged to “make do” with what they’ve got.

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